monday, 24th march 2008. my first entry for this blog. im also not sure why i start writing here. hehe. i actually cant recall, but then looking back to my third entry, i then know that i start to write during my first year, first sem.

i didnt start my blog with this url mencoraklangkah.blogspot, but then i also dont remember what is my url back then. huhu. keep changing from time to time. then on (i dont know what date), i change to carixcari.blogspot. with this url for quite some time, then change to mencoraklangkah.blogspot (cant also recall when, hehe).

ok. so why is it mencoraklangkah? take a look at the picture. that picture show how 'canting' is done. 'canting' is a traditional equipment to make batik. i dont know what is canting in english. u see, u need to be good to draw using this canting. or ur drawing will not be nice. everything need have it time, u need time to be a good canting drawer, u need time to be good engineer, and everything else that we do. we cant just be good without learning all the necessary step. so that is why i choose mencorak langkah. this is the place where i will write about my action n everything that i see around me along the way for perfection. yes, i know nobody is perfect, but at we can always try to be better right?

my writing will be in the coretan page. have fun reading. so far i have 189 article in here. now is 25 june 2010, 8.30pm.