identity. what is identity? if we say identity is the character then what is character? in heat treatment principles, when we talk about identity or the character, we usually refer to the state of the solid substance, whether it is in austenitic or pearlitic state, or is it ferrite or cementite.

but then, if we open psychology textbook, then identity or character is usually the personality of the individuals.

then if we open ceramic textbook or material physics textbook, then it will refer to the crystal structure.

hence, what is identity? well, it really depend in what perspective are u taking it. if we take it from different angle, it will be different. if u ever take technical drawing, u can see that front view is different from side view and top view.

then, which angle is the best? i think the best is if we take view from all angle.

everything in this blog is written by me. it can be different from yours and you might also disagree with my writing. it really depend on the angle we are taking it.

some info bout myself. a muslim, a student, karateka, material engineer to be. insyaAllah.

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