Mar 26, 2008

which path to follow?

if u are not sure where to go just stay put. think carefully what u want 2 do. if still unsure then just follow the rhythm.
in everything that we do, we must follow both our heart and our mind. if it conflict. think the pros n cons. if doing it is better, than its better if we do it.
i don't have an ambition. it changes with time. unlike my brother, he know that he wants to be a business man since started secondary school. me? i have change so many ambition and still changing. doctors, architect, teacher, lecturer, psychiatrist, engineer, n more. now im taking engineering. n still not sure what to major.
i ask some of my friend, what they want to major. n some of them are like me. unsure. since we can choose 5 majoring. -but can only take one- will pick anything n will not care whether we will get that field or not. n for me not bio tech of course. hmm, n not automotive n comp either.
just to add.. i don't really know what i want, what i like, but i have the list of my dislike n what i don't want to be. it's strange right? well life is sometimes strange.
i want to be someone difference from everyone else. but i don't know how.. i know i will be forever unique in my own way. though my friend or acquaintance call me weirdo, or budak pelik. i don't care. although agak teguris, i want to be myself, not plastic. i don't want to be someones dummy. i know i am smart n can survive in this world. what about the here after? im not sure. hey, i need to prepare my life after death. so since i haven't done my obligatory prayer. so bye2 for now

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