Apr 3, 2008


holiday, cuti, is what people usually want and sometimes need.. a person who is working may need holiday to release the stress. and as a student, we also need holiday to ease a bit our mind.. or in my term to settle down our mind so that we can do better the next time.. if there is too much input there will be a severe damage and the brain will hang.. and brain sometimes work like the computer.. and of course, our brain works better than the computer.. it is just that people today are too lazy to think because there are already many gadget who can think for them.. they cannot even do simple calculation as additions and subtraction.. pelik kan??
anyway, i have just finish my last paper today.. and now i am officially in holiday mode.. haha.. now i need to plan really good for my holiday, or i will suffer.. well time is golden.. time will not wait for us, even for a sec..
well what do i want to do this holiday?? hmm..

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