Apr 9, 2008

its nearly a week..

its nearly a week my dad is in Indonesia with my brother, Imran. and Arif already miss my dad. always ask my mom whether my dad has come home.. its not even a week yet. how can he bear if my dad go outstation for 3 month like what he used to do. only God knows how.
now, it's already a week im in my inter-sem holiday. nothing much that i have already done. but i have met some of my form 5 classmate. miss them all. hopefully can meet the rest of them in this holiday.
although some of my coursemate say that our holiday is short. cuz they can't do everything that they plan. i don't really think so. i don't think this inter-sem vacation is short. what we need to do is actually organize ourselves. if we plan well, we can do what everything that we do.
in this 1 week of my first part inter-sem. what have i done? well, i have been to my brother imran's grad day. its not actually a grad ceremony. but we call it so cuz its sound grand.. haha.. well this grad day is actually a dinner of their batch after completing secondary school. this so call grad ceremony is organize by our school. and my brother is the 5th batch who complete their secondary school.. my elder sister being part of the first batch. me in the 3rd batch.. 1st 3rd 5th.. wah, wat a number..
the second thing wat i have done.. hmm, well i have met some of my ex-classmate. as what i said in the earlier page. hopefully i can meet all my friend. at least the six of them. they know who they are.. i have only met 4 of them, 2 more to go. "kami tujuh srikandi".
the third thing, i send my brother to school everyday since my dad go to Indonesia.. and still doing it. and im not sure whether i will continue sendind my brother to school. Biasalah da dapat lesen kereta.
wait.. i forget to mention, i wake up early on sunday morning to send my dad to kl central. as early as 6.30 i go out from my home sweet home.. haha.. thats the day i woke up the earliest since this few years.. and i feel proud of myself.. im not sure weather i need to fetch my dad too.

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