Aug 14, 2008

wat 2 do?

2 do or not? a delemma that everyone face everyday. (is my spelling correct? betol kot. haha) anyway, back to d topic. wait wat topic? there is no topic actually. haha. today, i feel like want to write something, but dunno what. what if i tell u about what happen to me today.

1st, i have CAD class this morning at 8.30am. i finish my task about 11, so im released early today. i submitted my incomplete home asgn though still got time to edit it.

then i went to GPCL to fill in my major application form (lepas tidak berjaya membuka borang pendaftaran). in GPCL, the same thing happen, after tired trying i went to multimedia lab. n manage to fill in the form after 1st try, Alhamdulillah.

after that, i went to aikol, for my malay class, which is suppose to be at 12noon. ketika smpi nmpk student cm lain je. tertinjau2, mengintai2. sah lain. this isnt my classmate. then i call one of my classmate. she didnt pick up the phone. wat 2 do? wat 2 do? i sit down on one of the chair. tengok jam. its 11.45. no wonder tak de org. malu je org dalam class tersebut nmpk diriku kehairanan. mereka hairan mengapa diriku kehairanan. oleh kerana malu. n tak nk terserempak dgn budak2 from that class. i waited till 11.55. baru masuk that bm class.

lepas bm class i went to the mosque for zuhor. smpi kul 1++. duduk2 till 1.15, take wudhu pastu naik tingkat atas (tempat solat perempuan ader 2 tingkat). lps semayang jemaah, jmpa aminah karisma. n went to calculus class.

dlm class tadi, x blaja anything new, dia cuma explain cmne nk wat soalan yang ku berikan pada kelas yg lepas. he spend the whole class explaining the question. after the class time finish, we make ourselves look like we understand. pastu jumpa tutor. this n dat 3.45. cmne ni da lmbt. takpe g class je.

masuk kelas lecturer takde. fuh selamat. tapi kenapa lecturer ni tak masuk2. its already 4. sbb da kul 4. smorg balik. n i went here in this comp lab, baru ku tau bahawasanya class oop sememangnya takde. buat penat je. tapi it worth it. or else, i wont write this long entry.

panjang tak? panjang kn? so ill stop then. adios

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