Sep 25, 2008

im confused..

today is thursday. now im in CAD lab. just finish my quiz. im suppose to be at aikol right now. but could be because of the quiz i did not go to my malay class. maybe its not about the quiz. maybe it is just me who is lazy and not wanting to go to aikol.
i hate language classes. n this is the 3rd time i skipped my malay class for this month. last tuesday, i got a comment from my malay teacher that i seemed not prepared for my presentation. am i prepared? i am and always not ready for it. i finish editing the text long time ago. but did not rehears it well. hence seem that im not prepared for the presentation. n as usual my reason for not prepared is that i got many assignment. which is totally not a good reason cuz there are many kaed student and some engin student there.
i love math. i really love doing calculation. but right now, i dont feel like it anymore. is it because of the lecturer or is it me??
now is still in the month of ramdhan. i always want to change, want to be better. but i still sometimes miss my subuh prayer like today. i really want to change. i really wanted to. but dont know how. need someone to help me.

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