Sep 11, 2008

ponteng class!

this week i skipped 3 classes already. tilawah and 2 malay class? why? i also dunno. maybe cuz im too lazy to wake up and go to aikol for those classes. n yeah, aikol is far from my mahallah. i skipped 2 classes on tues juz bcuz im too lazy to go to class. teruknya diriku ini di bulan ramdhan. i should be better and improve somewhere right? but i dunno, this ramdhan has no effect on me yet. still 2 more weeks to go. still have time for improvement. [doakan diriku berubah menjadi insan yang berguna ye. amin].
today i miss another malay class which make me skipped my malay class 2 days in a row for a week. will i get barred or warning letter? i dunno this is my 1st time, or my 1st week i skipped my malay class. tak pernah lagi rasenye ijah ponteng before this. so masih dalam zone selamat. but, my mark for presentation may be deducted or become zero cuz im supposed to present my taklimat today. hope cikgu will give me a 2nd chance like my ustaz for understanding islam last time. hihi.
at 2pm, i might have calculus quiz. but im not so sure. i dont mind failing my calculus 2 anymore. but if possible i want A of course. tapi susah banget la. tapi kalo fail or drop the course sooner or later need to finish it also kan? ok la, ijah tak nak fail. gambatee. aja2 fighting.
tapi camne ek? i never get my assignment full mark. or not yet? hopefully ill get full mark for my future assignment. my mid-term for calculus? i fail. daku gagal dengan jayanya. i never get this low mark since cfsiium. i usually get at least just pass.
electronics, juga subject yang memeningkan kepalaku. i got fail for both my quizzes and just pass for my mid exam. but the good thing is that though i fail my mark improve. and im proud of my self.
now, i dunno wat to do. diriku kini asyik/selalu mengeluh. which im not suppose to do. sape nak comment me, sila la. ^.^

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Asma' Zubir said...

actually...kite same.
mark clculus kite jgk, n i got d very same mark as u.haha.klaka betol.both of us luv calculus a lotz but we failed.huhu
electronic kite x same. i failed n u passed. the good point is i nye fail jauh lg teruk drpd org lain. serius....:)