Oct 12, 2008


pengalaman is something that all people have. semua orang ade pengalaman yang berbeza-beza. n today, my pengalaman start dengan yang kurang best to worst. but things get better to the end.

today, i wake up at 9am. n then study for my oop lab test, n then i take my lab test at 10.30am. i study both inheritance n operator overloading. but totally forget how to do the coding. i take more than an hour to do the coding. i have predicted the emergence of inheritance n operator overloading. tapi tak tau cmne blh totally blank during the test. but since i manage to do the inheritance part n some of the overloading function. i should get at least a pass. 25 of 40 is good enough for me. though i really want my grade to be near 40. i envy ain cuz she manage to do the codes. which is what really contradict lab 1. which is last time i manage to do both codes but she cant. n now it is vice versa.

then i call my dad to ask him what time he will be picking me up, he said he is going to pick me up at 2.30. i got an open house invitation at 2. so i decided to go for the open house with my friend, n my dad will pick me up at 2.30 from my friend's house. now the story of going to asma's house begin, 1st we wait for "the bus". we sit at the bus station at 1.30. n the bus havent arrive till 2.30. in that to hours 9 buses has pass. come n go but the bus we are waiting for still do not come. i hate of waiting. especially to wait for a bus. i sugessted of taking a cab. we get a cab but the driver refuse to send us to that place. 2.30 has come. which is suppose to be the time my dad will be picking or fetch me from my friend's place (asma house to be exact). so at the end of "going to asma open house story", my dad send me n three of my fiends to her place. n i ended up of just greet her mom n some of my friend who already reaches the place n leave. sound pathetic but true (translation: menyedihkan tapi benar. additional information: we wait at the bus stop from sunny to rainy till the rain stop n start pouring again. (dari cerah, hingga hujan lebat sampai hujan reda dan kembali hujan). n i manage to learn origami from the 1 ringgit im holding which is suppose to be my bus fare.

then we. my parent n i went to pick my brother at al-amin. n off we go to my schoolmate wedding invitation. not grand but meriah. i meet some of my classmate. i meet the bride n groom. n some of my long lost teachers n friend. the food is nice n i eat alot. haha. n then i went home with my sister. bad traffic. the car really move that much slow.

i manage to reach home. no parking. dunno what to do. i went in. n leave my sister wait for the parking. hihi. that time she is not in the mood. might be due to tiredness. but im not sure.
when i reach my house, there is a guest. my dad's friend n his family. then my parents together with the guest when to this ustaz house. celebrating eid n nothing more.
then after maghrib my parents are back. n about 8, we went to my neighbors house. how much is the distance? well just a few step from door to door.
today i end my day with chatting n online conferencing with my friend in iowa. long time no c her. we chat for a while. n then i write this entry. n that is all for today.

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