Nov 27, 2008

a dramatic monologue

Monologue with death
Death you are terrifying
Hell of course you are
You’re supposed to scare people so they prepare themselves to meet you

But death
May I ask, what you think of me?
I mean I’ve lived with life,
But certainly I have no plans of meeting you anytime soon,

Although companions, relatives, has left earlier to meet you,
I’m afraid to say but I still have doubts in you,
I mean should I meet you tonight,
Will I worry or should I be happy?

You have your ways death, and pal like me have ours,
But somehow you always win,
And don’t negotiate the hours...

My life as I remembered has not been to long,
I mean I really wish you don’t come tonight, dear death.
For if you do I don’t know what I’ll treasure and what is my remorse,

People I know try so hard to deny,
But end up meeting you of course,
I wish too that this life and time would come to a pause,
So I could straighten myself, and correct my cause.

O death admit, that thou doth strike fear,
But still many think you’re too far,
But as a matter of fact you are behind their ears.
These people fear you
Because they've done nothing for the hereafter.
But as for those who come prepared,
They can afford to smile, even on the day you're destined to appear

I’ve grown to be a man somehow,
I should have found out by now
That as soon as I’m born I’m already dying,
As soon as life begins the sand clock is already drying.

But I may say with a certain degree of certainty,
That many has failed
To grab this golden opportunity.
With acquired knowledge I say,
That life may be likened to a journey,
With a set of rules that we all must obey.

Creatures walk,
While others fly,
Some learn to talk,
Some learned to lie,
Maybe this principles does not apply,
But what's the fuss? We all die.

Oh how have I strayed, thinking there's nothing beyond you?
Oh death,
Because life is shortened
With every small breath.

The world I live in has instilled a type of thirst,
Until in my list of priorities it came up first.
Have I turned into man ostracized on an island?
Given nothing to drink but the salty drink of the ocean?
Every sip of water
Only adds to the hunger,
The thirst not quenched but the body suffers.

Death I’m aware of you’re existence,
But unfortunately I’m insensitive,
I know you’re true
But then do I believe in meeting you?
I’m not to sure if this is positive,
But certainly if I meet you tonight,
I know I’m not in a position to fight,
This sickness might persist,
But still you’re strength I can’t resist.

Let’s say, if I’m forced to go trough the realm of questioning,
What can I say what will I answer?
Maybe only then I’m made to realize,
The length of a day
As compared to forever.

I wonder if I’m smiling then
What I’ll be happy about,
Or if I’m frowning,
Than what have I gone there without?

Will I rest my conscience knowing?
I’ve toiled and soiled myself with sweat
For the sake of my brothers,
Or will I get nothing
Save guilt and regret
From what I’ve endeavored?

Will my success be my contributions to mankind?
Or will my failure result from my sweet words to the womankind?
Is it inner peace that I’ll find?
Or is it sufferings of my heart and mind?

Is my piety found in my fear?
Or is my destruction from evil words whispered in my ears?

On the grand day what will I have to present to god?
Is it my good faith and a clean record?
Or evil deeds of my own accord?

Will I own a countenance that shines?
Among the pious or at least in these lines
Or am I unfortunate to be blind?
Will I even be noticed by the divine?
Or will I be looked down like a dirty swine?
Will my cheekbones drop as a sign
Of shamefulness realizing the life given was not mine?

Hmm and people will justify saying its fine,
Its fine
We still have time to dine
And if in the mood for a glass of wine,
But I could only say
Are you out of you’re good minds?

What you suggest is certainly not right,
You’ve lost control of your heart,
You’re not in control of you’re sights,
You don’t even know where you’re life’s leading you

Hell should you consider visiting tonight

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