Nov 7, 2008

ku sudah habis exam!!!

6th November 2008. 12noon. the exam time has finish. time to hand in the calculus 2 paper back to the invigilator. the time i officially finish all my exam for this sem.
so now my holiday has started.

flash back... 7.40am. i arrive at uia. went straight to my room. study. 8am, sleep. 8.30am. get ready n went to go to exam hall. greet my roommate. n they tell me that we need to evacuate our room. went out from the room. saw 2 piece of paper, announcement to evacuate our room from principle of ameenah n many people "favorite" rector. feeling: marah, geram, kenapa aku???.

1.30pm. after finish solat n lunch. start cleaning. starting from wiping the fan. [penalty RM50 for dirty fan]. clear my book shelf. clear my drawer. clear my locker. bring some stuff to usrah room [too lazy to bring home].

3.40pm. finish cleaning. call my dad.

4.10pm. my dad arrive. went to hs cafe. buy nan n tandoori. [mak mengidam]

5.15pm. arrive to my home sweet home.

6.00pm. went to jusco wngsa maju.

7.15pm. arrive home. solat

after that tv. chat. internet.

11.55pm start writing blog

12.23pm finish writing this blog. feel like sleeping.

end of story....

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Maryam Abu Ahmad said...

sama pulak kita habis exam.. cuma awal akak setengah jam :D