May 23, 2009


i wanted to. but.. its just that.. arghh. im also not very sure. but i actually want to go. i really do. but, i feel that im not really prepared plus 2 weeks with no training at all. kalau kalah >> malu tahap credibility jatuh seperti mount fuji hancur lebur menjadi pantai yang indah. n for that, i withdraw from the tournment.

yes, its not the matter of win or lose. but seeing my kohai got selected to masum n i dont. plus they got gold medal somemore. i dont want to be defeated with that. jatuh la air muka senpai sorang nih.

which do i prefer? kata or kumite? well, i prefer kata. more safe. but needs more balance. cuz sometimes feel like falling down. huhu. so next time, ill try to be at least in kata team. chayok2!

so now, what i need to do is train hard at home. [which i never do]. n need to increase my stamina. need to find a teman to train. tapi nak cari sape eh? cuz at the end usually, they [those who i train with n teach] will bypass me. n will be sedih again at the end.

hey, looking at the bright side. im not really good in fighting kumite. but im better than my kohai in kata. but i do teach them kumite. and they win in the masum. so i indirectly help with the accomplishment rite? [tiba2 happy mood. so im not a bad senpai after all. seronoknyeer.

tak sangka lepas tulis post ni mood boleh berubah dari keliru >> sedih >> happy. haha. life is full with suprises. but this suprise sure didnt involve many outside words or better say, tanpa kata2 semangat dari teman2. n actually it is quite suprising cuz i usually need those talks. haha.

over n out. ^.^

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