May 28, 2009

manusia hanya boleh merancang..

went to jpj today to renew my license. but cant be renewed cuz its not yet expired. it will be expired on 14 june. so the earliest that i can come is on the 13th. but ill b in spore till 14th. so terpaksa renew on the 15th.

btw, ill be going to spore this coming wednesday. havent bought tiket yet. but this will be going my first ride solo. either by flight or by bus, im going to spore all by myself. dah besar la katekan. huhu. agak cuak la. but since im allowed to go by myself, im going to take this challenge walaupun dalam diri ini ade perasaan takut2.
it might be a great adventure. who knows? kan, kan??

pape pon. doakan diriku ini selamat sampai ke destinasi yang ingin ditujui.

dah tak tau nak tulis ape. over n out ^.^