Jun 5, 2009

flying solo..

yes,the flight was delayed. but interestingly they said its not delayed till the time i check in and take my boarding pass. quite geram cuz when my dad call,they said it is not delayed n the flight will fly at the schedule time. tapi heran kan sebab camne spore nyer airport boleh tahu dulu? walhal, spore is the destination n the place of departure should know first right?

anyway,i feel happy. haha. its the first time im travelling alone.the seat next to mine is empty. so able to put both my hand at the arm rest. my seat is next to the window.but cant see anything muchcuz its nite time.

i enter the delayed plane about 11pm. and arrive at spore 11.50. so its about 45 minute journey from kl to spore. since its budget airline, so didnt got any drinks. sian i.

good thing about this flight is dat, although it is budget airline, i depart at klia and arrive at terminal one,instead of the budget terminal. i also got good looking boarding pass, not like what usuall budget airline boarding pass.

now im in spore. at my cuzin place n using her laptop.thankx ya. think this is enough for now. chow!

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Makaroni said...

imran boleh terbang...
tak yah gune kapal terbang pon~