Sep 4, 2009

super duper mega hyper wiper (^.^)

im happy. super duper extra ordinary. haha. reason not sure. maybe cuz manage to answer all question for polymer mid exam.

anyway, bout yesterday. yes my mood was spoiled cuz of lab. n its not only me. everyone who have taken experiment 2 feel the same way. so, i am normal. haha. n about the demonstrator, he also do experiment 8. no wonder he is extraordinary late.

dulu mase amik ungs 2050, sir bashir pernah cakap. kalo marah kat org, try to make 40 reason for his action. n will no longer feel angry at him after a few reason. tapi semalam tu, entahlah. cam dah tak lea nak fikir dengan waras.

n bout the ceramic class. tak kesah la. mula2 cam blurr gila. ntah ape yg sir cakap angguk je. lepas ntah brape min baru participate class. n jadi anak pinter. huhu. happy. saya sayang sir agus gak.

oh ya, went to engineus iftar jamie last night. best. tapi ingat dok kat meja bulat besar. tapi dok kat lantai je. traditional la katekan. but it end up gud. though they give us the dinner bit late. ate ikan bakar. fuh, terliur balik. sabar kay, puasa2.

nak tulis ape lagi eh? takde pape dah kot. just want to tell u people, im super duper mega genius hyper happy (^.^)


Ameen Topa said...
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Ameen Topa said...

As I said before, I hope the super duper hyper wiper happy you be always around...