Sep 3, 2009

tolong la..

10 am: went to lab n its still lock
10.30 am: somebody came n unlock the door
10.45 am: went to software lab n print notes for metallurgy
11 am: the demonstrator still havent come. went to corrosion lab n meet kak fazi. discuss bout experiment 5.
11.10am: went back to my room. got text that the demonstrator just come
11.20am: went back to lab. n he is still constructing the circuit
12noon; he is still doing what he is doing. n we just listen to whatever he said. dont understand. n dont care anymore
12.15: went out from lab although experiment is still not finished. but already sign for attendent. went to cgpl. internet slow. went to mahallah cc
1.09: still here. want to go back to my room. but cant study. need to relax myself. but dont know how. need somthing to let me be myself again. but dont know what it is. that lab really make me feel like.. i dont know what to say

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