Jan 10, 2010

MOHE-IIUM Martial Art integration Seminar

MOHE-IIUM Martial Art Integration Seminar 2010

date: 17 january 2010
day: sunday
time: 8.30am - 5.00pm
venue: main hall CAC, IIUM

what are we having?
1. forum
expected panllist:
Kamal Affendi, Azlan Ghani and .....
2. group dynamic
will have discussion on some martial art issues
3. self defense practical session

to know what is in the blank,
do come
and fill the blank yourself ^.^

do we have fees?
yup, RM 15 for UIA student and RM20 for other university

we will provide breakfast, lunch, tea and experience that you will not get from other place

so do come and bring our friend along
[for UIA student, you can register at the booth near bank Islam]
[for other university, can register by email karateka.iium@gmail.com]

seats are limited, so please hurry!!


Ameen Topa said...

Q: What are the marial arts included in the practical session?

Anonymous said...

the instructor will give some tips on self defense that u cant get in dojo, cuz its combination of many martial art techniques

if ur question is on who is the participant, it wil be both martial artist and non-martial artist students

Ameen Topa said...

I don't know where is your booth...I went around bank Islam and hs cafe but didn't find it...I sms u but since you didn't reply please register for me ok?