Feb 24, 2010

blackheart vs whiteheart..

alhamdulillah dah selesai pre reg. short sem reg for DS n EAP.. long sem reg for seminar 2, lab 5, lab 6, polymer processing, machining, n some 4th year subject.. but then im not really sure whether im taking those subject in next long sem. for the short sem subject, insyaAllah..

so yesterday morning. at 10am, i attended my heat treatment class, my favorite subject for this sem. n yesterday we study the heat treatment processes for cast iron. n it is totally different from that of carbon steel. so, the blackheart n the whiteheart is actually one of the things we study in that class. blackheart cast iron has some black circle if seen under microscope. n it is black cuz it is graphite. but whiteheart has also that same black circle. but why is it call white? cuz it is white if seen from the surface[similar to the color of carbon steel]

so?? yang saya nak bgtau.. actually, whiteheart microstructure is darker compared to blackheart. due to pearlite that presence in the sturcture. [dah pening? buat2 paham ye.. ]. whiteheart is call white just cuz of the surface look.

oleh itu jangan tertipu dengan luaran dan nama. ingatlah kesucian dalam itu juga penting utk kesejahteraan. panjang2 cerita nk bgtau ayat ni je. huhu

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