Mar 20, 2010

the tree..

today my happy mood starts the first aid skill exam finishes. the exam was okay. anyway, im here not to talk bout the exam

an adventure could be many things. doing things u never do before is already considered an adventure [if u think this statement is wrong, at least this definition is applicable to me]. anyway, just now after exam we went to the route we dont usually use. from cac, we went to bank muamalat then to e3 [hoping the gpcl is open thou we know it doesnt], then we choose to walk behind the automotive workshop. from coliseum went to the wind tunnel. (tengok dekat2 cam budak sekolah rendah baru 1st time datang uia. aku la tuh) pastu jalan belakang automotive workshop (is it belakang or depan? anyway, near the longkang) then went to fsc.

then she show me the tree. i was like. 'dah selalu dah tengok pokok ni'. thou dont know what tree is that. then she show me the 'buah ceri'. i was like oooooo.. (the long one). at first i imagine the cherry u use on top of the icing for cake. hehe. anyway, she ask me to taste it, n it feels good. not great but still good. but the part i like most is to pick those fruit from that tree. cuz i never, or this is the first time i ever pluck any fruit from any tree. so the goes me acting like a small kid, jumping to the pluck those small fruits. n it feels great. hehe.

so thats all for today, so back to those giant textbook. all the best in final exam n everything that u do. do have fun in reading those textbook (^.^)

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Reportero local said...

Where is the tree???!!!! I love cherries!!!