Apr 14, 2010


maka bermulalah kisah sem break. haha. dah lama dah start baru nak tulis. nak start story dari mana eh? hmm.. how about the date the break officially starts. which is on the 9th.

so on th 9th april 2010. my friend and i went to a camp at bukit langong. nice place. this is the 1st time i've been there. dunno there is such place in selayang. hehe. sorry ye orang selayang sekalian.. so the name of the program is MUDAH. its an acronym for muqayyam dakhili. but one thing not good of me is that, i feel asleep in almost all the "pengisian". hehe. well better say, i sleep in all the talk except for one. hehe. it is a 3 days 2 night program. 1st 2 days focus more on the spiritual side aka fill with talk n ldk. n the last day focus more on physical side. went junggle trakking and do some obstacle course. the track wasnt that bad, or better say easy. aceceh.. anyway, this program is organized by QYC. so who says that QYC doesnt have physical activities. V(^.^)V

on the 11th april 2010. last day of mudah. sejurus sampai uia. naik kereta pergi naik bas ke singapura. nasib baik tak tertinggal bas. fuhh.. ade 4 movie. tapi tengok sekerat jalan je. sebab tertido. n one more thing. now there is this automatic thing in immigration where they scan our passport. so we the sporean do walk in the fast lane. till the driver of the bus seems suprise to see us already done with the passport. n i kinda like he automatic thing. cuz i didnt have to line up.. hee~

now is 14th april 2010. n im still in spore. nak kirim pape? kalo sempat saya beli. kalo tak sorry la yerr..

why the title is nice? cuz the bus we take is nice coach. sangat selesa, lama btol saya tido. hehe. sempat aku wat promosi tak berbayar..


Ameen Topa said...

scan the passports? that would be cool! I wanna try it!

Khadijah Rahman said...

cannot! haha. cuz only sporean can do it. haha. too bad

Ameen Topa said...

when they open that service for foreigners, tell me ok! I'll be on the first flight/bus to singapore! :P

Khadijah Rahman said...

there is also the automatic scan in klia for malaysian.