Jun 15, 2010

exam hall..

im home.. yeah.. this is the best thing for this one week. n for the record, this is the first time i stay in uia more than a week for this sem. well, 9 days to be exact. haha. good achievement..

i dont know why.. but there will be so many sickness appear after me when staying too long in uia. home sick. sea sick. fever. flu. headache. n this is the time u crave for so many things that can only get at home. like food cooked by mom or gradma. suddenly wish that its eid. than can have some of my grandma cooking. she now only cook during eid time. oh i miss her already. wish that i didnt have exam this coming saturday and can follow dad to spore this weekend. n will bring my grandma to kl so she can cook lots of traditional kueh for me.

ok. stop talking about food. today is my 1st paper for this sem. n my next n final paper is this saturday. summary for my paper today, alot. repeat, alot of people get a peice of paper. at first im like what is this paper that she (the exam assistant) give to student. keep on listening to somebody tearing paper. i also want one. haha. then started looking (im doing mcq at this time, confuse which one to choose), then found out that it is actually compound (or what we call 'saman' in malay). luckily i didnt get one. hehe. then started to look at those who get those sheet of paper. maybe it is their dresscode. and suddenly image of me in pj appear before me. yes during exam, still with the mcq question. hehe. me with baju kurung, white tudung, black shoe, n my school bag. love the old days. the days without revision still can get good grades..

so done with a paper and another paper to go. dont know what to study. anyhow, those who still havent done with thier final, all the best 'ya all..


Ameen Topa said...

haha, no wonder that you notice people cheat in exams a lot...try to focus only on your paper, it is better for you in short-run as well as in long-run...

Khadijah Rahman said...

hehe.. easily distracted. cant help it..