Jul 25, 2010

so it is not only me..

having a hard time with this particular lecturer. then i know that i am not the only student being treated that way. it is not that obvious last time he teach me. but it is really obvious now. it is only 2nd week. 3 months to go.. i don't know whether i can continue to be in his class. but like one of my friend say: it does not matter how i was being treated in class, but it is the knowledge that matters. tapi... urgh!! geram, geram, geram..
btw, something that make me still go to his class is that somebody being treated worse than me. maka teruskan menjadi kambing hitam dalam class tu. yeah!! haha

maybe thats all from me this week. no class with that lecturer for whole next week. yeah!!!! 
but got many lab replacement next week.. tu la sape suro amik lab banyak. haha. 

all the best for me and u..

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