Aug 6, 2010

nano tech

today's seminar is not like the other i have attended. i really2 like this one. n the topic for today is on nano tech. how a poor man can create a nano fiber. if u find it interesting u can continue reading. if not, bubye..

so, is this nanotechonogy a hype or reality?
well, according to the speaker, it is only 20% reality cuz 80% is more on mass media. pastu bla bla bla..

well, what i like in the presentation is the later part of the seminar, which is on how a poor man (not really poor) can produce a nano fiber. n i was like waaaaaah... hehe. basically u need only two main thing, a furnace that can hold temperature up to 800C n a gas cylinder. n the sample of course. so it is actually 3. anyway, according to him it only cost abou USD1200. if using illuminescene (i dont think i spell it correctly) will cost more than a hundreds times of this cost.

then he show us the techniques, n it doesnt look that difficult. but he does say it in the introduction that everybody can do it, not just a trained person. but then u dont relly know how difficult it is unless u try it. so, im thinking of doing this for my fyp next sem. haha. cam betol je. but i really want to make my own nano fiber.

i dont think my writing make his presentation just now sound interesting. but then, if u watch the his presentation u will be amazed at the pictures he showed us. simple steps yet a great difference.  mesti cari budak yang amik seminar I, nak slide dia..

RTDAD = Read, Think, Discuss, Ask, Do

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