Aug 3, 2010


huruf apa la yg aku letak kat tajuk tu. SESC tu sebenarnye singkatan untuk Sumitomo Electric Sintered Component (M) Sdn Bhd. hari ni kelas PM@powder metallurgy, MME 4213 wat educational visit kat tempat ni. location kat shah alam, jalan jenjarum. sebelah sumiden, dekat ngan ejetsu (eh, ye ke?). tapi pendek cerita tempat ni dekat ngan kilang2 yang nama jepun belaka.

so, sebelum gerak breakfast dulu. makan nasi lemak, pastu dapat kueh n air mineral sebotol. kueh ade lagi dua bijik kat sebelah ni. huhu.

anyway, basically start from watching a short video of the company. then we take a tour at the sesc. they make this very little component. there is 'ikan bilis', piston, gear, shaft. too many component to recall. oh the 'ikan bilis is also a component, but not the real name of the component of course. about 40% of the company production is on automotive parts. gears n piston of different size. mainly for honda. the rest is mainly on airconditional parts n erm.. apa eh?

how they make the components? 1st is to mix the metallic powder. then compaction, sintering, secondary process (such as sand blasting, steam spray, heat treatment, etc). after that is the inspection. 1st time check a component undert the flouresect lamp (wait, is it floresent? anyway, its the light thing we have for ndt.) then there is packaging.

oh, we also went to saw wire area, QC, R&D, n  meet some engineer. after the tour we had some refreshment from the sesc. give token of appreciation from uia to sesc, take some photo, then back to uia.

slept the whole journey from uia to shah alam, n form shah alam to uia. so dont ask me what route we take to this place.

had fun today, but dont think i will work in factory. (^.^)

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