Mar 4, 2011

are you malay?

from definition:
"Malay is a person who habitually speaks Malay, practices Malay custom and tradition and is a Muslim".

I get this definition from here. anyway, I put this as my status in FB with the link as the reference. then I get a comment from abg aeim:
Thing is:
- There exists people from the Malay race who are not Muslim. e.g. Tagalogs, Balinese, Jowo Tengger. etc...
- It is not necessary for Muslims to be Malay. There is no need to make it compulsory to make Muslims who speaks Malay in addition to their original language e.g. Arabic/Tamil/Chinese, be a Malay. This is fine. There is no wrong nor shame in still wanting to be a Muslim Arab/Indian/Chinese.
- However, a person or group from race A that adopt the language and custom of race B can also regard themselves as race B. This is also fine.
E.g. Manchus in China who over the years regard themselves as Chinese. Egyptians/Phoenicians/Babylonians etc who over the years regard themselves as Arabs. Indians/Arabs/Turks who later regard themselves as Malays.

so then, instead of my doing my FYP report, I did some googling on What n Who are Malay? n guess what. I am now confuse. haha. n at the end, am I a Malay?

this is the definition from
of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a racially intermixed,generally short statured people who are the dominantpopulation of the Malay Peninsula and adjacent islands.

baca punya baca n seriusly, I'm now confuse. could anybody really define Malay. hee~

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