Apr 23, 2011

Best Friend

copy paste from here
dedication to all my besties. tak sabar nak ari esok. (^.^)
You are my best friend through thick and thin. 
When you reach for my hand you touch my heart. 
You are the bestest friend that I can have.

You are there for me when I need you the most. 
You cheer me up when I am down. 
If i am about to cry 
Make me smile. 
You are my bestest friend 
and i canNot lie.

You listen to me and give me advice, 
advice that comes
Straight from the bottom of your precious heart. 
You are my best friend in the whole wide world 
and I couldn't ask God for a little bit more.

We are going to grow older, 
and things will change but our
Friendship will forever still remain. 
I'll make new friends but
That won't change 
because you will always be my best friend.

I'd like to mean as much to you as you mean to me. 
I'd like to be some help to you as you have been to me. 
I'd like to know that as we grow old 
our lives will change but that our 
Friendship will still remain.

Me and you will never be apart maybe in distance 
but never in Heart 
for our friendship is way to strong 
to let it go off
just like That.

All i can say is that you are my best friend 
and i swear to God
That i don't want it to change. 
I may move to a different state but
That doesn't mean that our friendship will end, 
because you will
Always be my best friend. 
No matter what life has destined for us

I know that our friendship will never die.

*so now my own words,
to mr xy, suka je kasi nick baru. i really copy paste this thing.
we used to be best friend, n hope it will never change. 
missing ur advise. n ur words of wisdom. thou it is sometimes annoying. 


Mr. XY said...

You told me one day that you don't need my advice. That's why I stopped giving you advice...I am not your dad or big brother to impose my opinions on you.

DeeJa said...

eh ye ke?

Mr.XY said...

check your ym archive...