Apr 12, 2011


we need vision in life. from there we make some goals, the stepping stone to our own ultimate success. 
for some, they just know what they are targeting. and they have clear path on where they should go. 
for others, including myself. i barely see the end of this tunnel. or should i say, i am in open land n dont know where to go, n where am i now. stepping few step ahead. then few step back. n now im back to the original position. 

sometimes i feel i am at the very lowest part of this earth. there are times where everything collapse, my dream, my ego, my mood. n i just cant reconstruct myself, to stand up tall again. 

there are times i feel that im am the worse mankind in this earth. everything that i do, doesnt feel right. but then again, God will not give test to those who just cant bear it. so i could n should actually can do it. n when you actually check, there are actually some people just lower than you. n some just great. we are just who we are

there are times where we want to achieve something, but then again, we just feel like we are not up to it. hence just leave it just the way it is. n do nothing. tick tock. n the time flies. 

n now that i seems getting the chance, i just need to stop making excuses. spend some time on what i actually want to do. 
i am no longer a child who get merely everything just after crying. 
BERUSAHA. can do it if i just put my mind to it. 

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