Apr 24, 2011


yes i went picnic today with the 5bees. class 5B 05' u guys rocks!!

ok2. so of all the places we pick the exact spot we have out picnic in 2005. yes, we are all form 5 student at that time. so it is 6 years back, reminiscence the good old days experience. i believe it was our third time there. baru ingat arini senarnye. masa borak2 ngan diorg it was overall a great day with great people doing great things. is playing card consider a great thing to do? hmm...

anyway, there is only 8 of us today. four guys four girls. we eat. talk about the good old days. we play card. we take pictures. n ice cream!! aiskrim dibelanja dari nabil@abah for the day. hoho. dah kerja la katekan. oh talking bout which, haziq cooked!! yes really. unless dia tipu ar. cam tak percaya je. memang tak percaya sampai ke sudah senarnya. does he really cooked? ok2, maybe he did cooked.

trying to write in words. but guess that i just cant. tak reti nak cerita. senyum je memanjang. saya normal k.

anyway, esok dah start kerja. intern je pon. till then. adios

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