Apr 23, 2011

productive me?

my fourth entry for today. giler ar aku... my post for this entry is a copy paste from here. with some editing.. hehe
Have you ever looked around at people whilst using public transport? It doesn’t matter where you turn, but you will either see someone reading a newspaper, listening to his mp3 player, filling out a crossword, or playing a game on his phone – almost everyone is doing something! ok, for reading or doing crossword is less likely to happen in Malaysia. but here we can see people sleeping or doing makeup.
We’ve all complained and continue to complain of a shortage of Baraka (blessing) inthe hours of the day, of cramped schedules, of family commitments and other things when justifying our lack of productivity. The slack times – the time interval between any two activities – do form a generous portion of your day when calculated! Try thinking of all the time spent sitting on the train, walking to the bus stop, waiting between classes, waiting for the kettle to boil, and so on and so forth.
We should try not to lose a single breath without investing in it; these intervals of time, if utilized wisely for worship and productivity, will bring benefit for our dunya and akhirah.
Even if your situation does not allow you to read, listen, or memorise anything – we can still harvest time for our akhirah with our mind and tongue by the remembrance of Allah. What prevents us from saying: Subhan Allah walhamdulillah, la ilaha il Allah, wAllahu Akbar.
Won’t we feel regret over a moment in this dunya in which we did not remember our Lord or utilize properly? ok I will try.. go go Khadijah can do it!!
so next is a story of one of the great Imams of this Ummah, Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal. His son, Abdullah, asked his father one day: “Abi when will we ever relax?” His father, one of the greatest revivers of the Sunnah and a role model for all Muslims, looked him in the eye and said: “With the first step we take into Jannah.” Ya Allah, what a beautiful response!
There are days that come to you and you’re tired, you just want to sleep and relax and “shut off” as they say. Those are the days in which you need to ask yourself a critical question: ‘Where am I going with life?’ If it’s towards Allah and for Allah, then regain your strength and continue your work, for Jannah is precious and must be sought. But if you look into your life and realise that it’s not towards Allah but towards Dunya, then your tiredness becomes a blessing, for it is a reminder that you need to change direction and renew your purpose in life.
Our problem today is not that we’re tired, our problem today is that we relax too much. We do everything so that we relax. We cheat, break promises, do not fulfill our vows, lie, take and give bribery, and so on. Why? So we can relax. We don’t stay up for Tahajjud or wake up for Fajr, we don’t fast, or go for Hajj and Umrah… all so we can relax. We don’t walk towards the Masjid or open the Book of Allah so we can understand it, all in the name of “I need to relax!”
diriku sedikit terasa dengan post sendiri. so khadijah do change! to my readers, let us also change. for the betterment of ourselves n the ummah as a whole..

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