May 1, 2011


punch card? why should i? hoho.. kisah hari ini adalah mengenai hari semalam. figterX. got new friends. it was indeed a good experience. layan-ing the kids n parents. layan-ing kids was fun, but their parents was no fun. the best part of the program i think is to see my student won. thou i no longer teach them. but still rase terharu bila diorg menang. haha. feel the same thing when they go to 8th kyu grading last time.

did i join the tourney? no. ni untuk budak2 sekolah je. semua yang join ni under karateworks sensei. i am only one of the crew. was selected to be one of the ref. but didnt be one due to some reasons. but hope will be one for the next tourney.

best ke jadi crew? well, i got a free FX-shirt. n a hotel room to stay. best kan? if only there is no one who already booked the very same room, then we can actually stay there for 2 nights. but 1 night is still nice. thankx sensei! :)

akhir kata, senang je nk pergi venue. tapi kami slalu sesat otw back. haha.

pasal punch card tu, lain kali ar citer. adios..

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