Jul 23, 2012

month of..

Assalamualaikum and Ramdhan Mubarak,

So here it comes again, Ramdhan Kareem. The month of the Quran. Not the month of food. Rasa lapar je bila tengok juadah berbuka orang lain disiang hari. (tengok gambar yang mereka upload hari sebelum)

Anyway, just a quicky update of myself. Alhamdulillah, I am now an engineer. So, to my adik2, niece, nephew n abang2 yg lom abes study sebab NS, get ready to get some duit raya from me. wohoo!!

Talking bout' job. My working hour is 40 hours per week. So if I went home late today, I will come late to office tomorrow. haha. So generally I start work at 9.30am and went home at around 8pm. and during this festive season (Ramdhan), bos let me go early. wohoo!! dapat balik kul 4pm beb. Tapi datang ofis pon mesti awal la kan. and this season, to go home early, I went to ofis at 8am. awal tak? awal sangat sampai dok ofis sorang2 kot. but dont judge things just yet. ntah2 esok aku yang datang last. like last week, 1st time jadi last to arrive. dammit traffic.

Eh2, cam dah salah topik je ni. Reason for me to write this post should be
1. to reply my friends post on her blog.
Miss you tooo Bik Ani!!
and also exroomie (Naz), Dee and Sue. 

and also the other material girls
Miss you girls like.... CRAZY?
Tapi kalau tanya nak stay lagi kat UIA tu ke tak, my answer will be NEVERRR. haha
and ya class will not be as cheerful without you people. 

and Miss Noddy (left)
I miss you badly. The warmth of your hug and our friendship. Tapi sekarang dah jauh. :(
cam nak nagis je. but life must go on. all the best on your future ya. 
yang kanan tu sekarang my beauty consultant. haha. 

and not to forget my usrah-mates
nama usrah kami: ma cherie (my sweetheart)
ma cherie is a french word. my naqibah gave us this name cuz we our each others lover. 

sekarang ni semua dah bawak haluan masing2. semua dah jauh

#point no 1 suppose to only talk bout bik ani. but it seems that I am off topic. way way of topic 

yes I miss UIA. sampai terawih pon nak solat kat masjid sana. thou there are many masjid nearby. 

I will continue other point next time. 

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