Jun 23, 2008

2nd day in spore

today is my 2nd day in spore. now is 22.55 spore time. n im now in my uncle's place. will be here for at least a few days.
yesterday. i arrive here about 2 or 3pm. not really sure. cuz doesnt check the time. my uncle pick me up and send me to my uncle's place. note: this 2 uncle is 2 different ppl. one is my dad's eldest bro. onother is my mom's big bro.
anyway, the reason im here is a) teman my grandma cuz she need to do medical check up this coming tuesday and b) teman my sis. yes, my sis blh teman my grandma to spore. tapi, sbb tak nak dia balik sorang, i need to teman my sis time dia balik nanti. n since my sis got some wrk to do shooting and etc2. we will be here for a week. my dad already buy the tiket balik to kl. 3.45 this sunday.
what have i been doing in spore? well smlm i went to my makcik's place. my mom younger sister to be exact. tak buat ape sangat cuz smpi about 6.30 evening n balik at 8pm. buat ape? hmm.. chit chat, makan solat. tu jela
hari ni? today i sleep after solat subuh n wake up at 10am. sepaptutnya ikut my sis go somewhere tapi cancel dgn alasan yang agak tak munasabah. tapi lantaklah. ku sudah berjanji kpd diri sendiri bahawasanya aku akan bersabar terhadap segala yang dibuat padaku. will tolerate as max as possible n would like to make my holiday at the optimum best. so i keluar rumah about 1pm. n went to the library. i borrowed 3 book. 2 malay n 1 english book. dah habis baca 1 malay book n 2 more 2 go.
tomorrow? still no plan. tapi if tak jadi nk g mane2, i plan 2 go 2 woodland nye mall. lupa pula namanya. ala yang dekat dengan interchange tuh.
tomorrow never dies, plan for the best. have i plan? hihi.
all the best in this life and the next life.

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