Jun 19, 2008

xam bertulis da abis

now is 10.01pm. malaysia time. im now at home. thinking what to do this holiday.
at 5.00pm 19th jun 2008 is officially the end of my last paper for this sem ie sem 3 07/08.
now, xam bertulis da habis, xam yang tak bertulis?? well xam yang tak bertulis ade banyak. some can be seen. some cannot. every second is a test. every second has its own test. like now, while im writing have i done my duty as a person. as a slave of Allah? well not yet actually, blm solat isya'. [memalukan sungguh].
anyway that wat is all about, we usually focus on the test that we can see. n sometimes we neglect the unseen test. we neglect our duty. we neglect our conduct. if people see us from far, or see us from our look, they cannot know that we are muslim [kecuali yang pakai tudung] cuz they cannot see the different between us and them. our daily conduct is about the same with them. or in other words, mereka tidak nampak perbuatan kita yang mencerminkan agama kita.
so kesimpulannya, renung2. fikir2. ubahkanlah sifat dan habit yang tidak mencerminkan agama kita. RENUNGKAN....

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