Jun 14, 2008

exam is getting near!!!!!!

exam is getting near. am i prepared? well last night, ade wat few question tapi bnyk dapat salah. so am i prepared? entahlah.

exam? kita slalu fikir nk dapat bagus academically. we do the best for dat exam n can get the result. tapi, wat about the real exam. the test that we go through everyday? cmne nk check result? the result blh nampak time mahsyar nanti. tapi cmne nk check carry marks eh? nk tanye hati. sendiri masih tak pasti dan ragu2

i dont noe the state of my iman. is it gud? or bad? im not sure. but i think im not getting better everyday. so my iman has decreased or what?

i dont know what had happen to me?.i feel like i dont know who i am. what im like
i feel lost. not yet completely.but the feeling of lost like in a desert there is

tengok tulis pun dah kelam kabut. better stop now

pray for my success in this world and the next. hopefully ill be among the muhsinin

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