Dec 23, 2008

day 2...

today is my 2nd day in uia. bleh tahan la. got my 1st lecture already. time: 8.30 to 9.50am. im late. but only late to d introduction part. y late? 1) keluar rumah lambat sbb my sis lambat siap. 2) need to go to aminah 1st to get a borang from a friend. 3) need to send my sis to econs 1st. tapi sbb tak lmbat sngt, kira ok wat. haha.

about the lecturer of dat class. im not sure from which country dis lecturer is from. but he say he is japanease more than 60%. i dunno from which part of the world he mange to be 100%. haha. jahat nye mulut ku ini. in class just now, we study stress. know reality behing the cracks. before i forget, just now our lamp. the flouresnt lamp crack. n the flourecent gas was released to the air. the atmospheric density in the class changes. haha. mcm dah melebih je nih. anyhow, guess wat our lecturer said. is this a terrorist doing. mcm salah je grammer ku ini. tapi lebih kurang gitu la. n wat i remembered most is dat he said is dat my life is more valuable than urs cuz he has spent so much money on phd. we dont have nothing yet. i was like... ape ni? tapi gelak je la.

n that is abput class MoM. mechanics of materials. after dat i went to econs. hard to find parking. tapi dapat la 1. mestilah satu berape banyak parking org pakai for 1 car. rite? but den, we got no class. we waited for 15 min. n leave d place. i only waited for about 10 mins. cuz i came a bit late. ^.^

then here i am in gpcl. doing this post. 1 thing for sure. im very very really soo not excited about this sem.

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