Jan 20, 2009

math= theory?!

well, since small i love math. except for few occasion. y? it is just dat i love to do calculation. n the part which make me like math the most is dat the feeling of accomplishment. im not sure whether i spell it correctly. but i am sure feel so happy when got the correct answer. ade pahe dok??

so, back to main topic. just now, most of my classmate cant answer this one question as the lecturer wants. he want to hear the theories that he has make us to write. or actually, that we have written during his class. dia tak pakse pun snarnye.

anyhow, i answerd by using auxillary. but not with confident. but since all my other classmate keep on with theories dat dont satisfied him. he make a quiz out of it. n the quiz is super theoretical unlike no ther math quizzes that i have had. except for his previous quiz of course.

n then we submit the quiz. 2 gurls come late. cuz cant find the venue. he continue with his example dat we cant solve just now. after looking at the question, the 2 gurls answer by using auxillary. the same answer like i said. except that unlike me, she answer it with confiden. n he said that it is correct. n tell us about how important theories is. n tell us why the science of engineering department exist!.

n then we continue with the class n finish chapter 4 and 5. n now we are in chapter 6. Class tadi kul 11.30. n now is 1pm. baru abis class. terus tulis sbb tension gilerr!

niat sebenar tulis post nih:
1. tak puas hati sebab both my math quiz pasal teori semata-mata.
2. tak dapat jawab dgn betul @ kertas jawapan ade name n matric num je. takde jawapan.

n now i feel really sedih, depressed. sakit kepala. dan banyak lagi.
i really want to increased my cgpa. i want to get a for this DE class. tapi... ARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

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