Mar 24, 2009


skipped 2 classes today. MoM and econ. sebab pening kepala yg teramat sangat. tahap dah tak lea nak angkat kepala dah. went to math class cuz i tot dah sihat. tengah2 class kepala sakit lagi. mcm nak keluar kelas n balik bilik tapi segan. haha. so pandai2 la tnggung.

got MC for 2 days. sunday and monday. so didnt do presentation for leadership. my team consist of 12 members. nemo n me demam, so left with 10. n it is still a big number. n yeah, according to them, the presentation went alright. they didnt ask anything about the budget. n i feel proud of my self. al-maklum financial controller. huhu. but they (my friends) do ask them whether they want to know about the fiance thingy, n they got nothing to ask. n me go senyum2 sendiri. haha. but the bad news they say that i got chicken pox. info to everyone, its only demam panas. bukan chiken pox. and not denggi too. now dah sihat. but i went home today. in case sakit balik.

yesterday? nothing much. sleep all day. al-maklum budak sakit.

btw, tadi cant answer quiz thermo. cuz totally forget dat got quiz. ntah la. harap pass semua subject sem ni dengan cemerlang.

math project? still working on intro. dont know what to write

till den. all the best to me


Reportero local said...

Kesian!!!!!! Well, get better soon lil' KD.... Hope to see you around soon. He he he . . .

snowstarzz said...

huhuhuhu.. aku lak nak demam ni... project mecha tak jadi..

Khadijah Rahman said...

tak jadi eh?
try la lagi. nnti jadi