Mar 27, 2009

which one 1st??

got many things to say. but dont know what to write. well, let us start with math. currently doing math mini project. have finish doing it except for the software part that still need to be done. but if it still like that. ill just give my project with anything that is already in it.

enough with the mini project. i intended to meet the lecturer by 3pm. anything happen, i will just pass.

after that intend to do revision on GEN. seriously thinking, when i add this subject, i dont know it is that tough. but since by hook or by crook, all uia engin student need to take this engineering ethics, so it is not a bad idea to take this subject early. haha. my aim is to get at least B for GEN

next is thermo n mate phy. i dont know had what happen. so need to also study them to get the good idea about the subject.

ECON. economics for engineering. got terrible mark for my last quiz. so also need to study this subject.

MoM, i didnt go for the last class cuz got headache that day. as mention in earlier post. so also need to study that. haha

so after all, need to study all subject. cannot focus on a subject cuz lately, seems not to fall in place yet. but anyhow, ALLAH tidak akan menguji hambaNya dengan bebenan yang tidak boleh dipikul. so, anything that happen to me now. no matter how bad it may seem. it should be good to me. n should, n know that i can actually handle all of them

till then. all the best to me. exam getting nearer

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