Mar 17, 2009

dont know what to do!

got a list of thing to do. dont know where to start. end up doing nothing

this is my situation right now. i want to go out from that circle. but i find it really difficult. camne nih????

today? i started my day with MoM class. mohr circle. then went to KENMS for economics for engineering. we discuss our quiz 2 and a part of past year question. then went back to engin for math. got math paper. okay la but ain n farah n many others got higher marks. feel so sedih cuz used to be among the top in pj. but life goes on. need to study hard for final so that can get higer grade compare to ain n farah.

after this? i am going to meet the head trainer for leadership for our second draft. at 2pm. hope everything goes smoothly.

anything new? well i went to karate training on friday after few weeks of absent. went for karate tournment, UIA vs UiTM, on saturday. i didnt win. but manage to go to 2nd round. winner for gurls is kak echam from uia. n winner for guys is roney form uitm. additional info, all that went for final round are the "wakil negeri". kak echam selangor, her opponent for negeri sembilan, roney, adam and burn im not sure. but they also represent something.
another addtitional info, uia only manage to go to semi for male category. n the only uia man who manage to be in semi is afif. really sedih cuz uia has more male athlete than female. tapi apa kan daya. ramai injured n pancit even before the match

my laptop? i want a new one. dont know what to do with the current laptop. still cant fix the network adaptor. soooo sedihh!!

till them.. all the best to me

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