Mar 3, 2009

hari ini...

today is thursday, 3rd march 2009. just finish my math class. used to be DE (differential equation), now is LA (linear algebra). today's topic is on gauss elimination n gauss jordan. its more like a revision though, cuz ive learn it during math 1 at pj. ^.^

today? i sleep after subuh. wake up at 8. take bath n went to class. i got my mid term paper. cant belive it. usually, it takes like a week to get our midterm back. but, could be he doesnt have enything better to do. haha. anyway. got pass for my MoM midterm. tak puas hati, tapi boleh la. cuz many others got fail or to nearly pass kind of marks. we dont review the question. but he does give his solution for those who r interested. most importantly, the class resume as usual. like nothing had happen.

after MoM, went to kenms. got econ class. okay la. boleh la. life goes on without fail. study about this n that. n went back to engin for math class. n that is all what had had happen to me today.

coming up next? since still do nothing about JMG (jejak menara gading), so really need to do it by today. or at least some portion of it. n since im the head comm of multimedia n art, will be question about my team. n the questioning will start tonight. it should be yesterday. but i didnt go cuz got MoM tutorial. so all the best to me.

yesterday? sleep late cuz want to finish my leadership essay. want to but still havent finish it. kenapa la susah sangat nak tulis kan? 3 page. n just finish writing a page.

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