Mar 31, 2009


currently, my hope is to finish this sem as early as possible with very good grade. n if possible to be in the deans list

currently, trying every night to study. although sleep a lot during the day n night. but i do try. n still trying. now im trying to focus on my first 3 subject. but the last 3 also ghosting me. [menghantui diriku]. haha. sometimes malay is much easier. kan?

anyway, today i went to hs after econ. y? to give my mc letter for not coming to the final presentation. before econ? well, there is MoM tutorial class. but didnt go cuz feel like not going. n i dont feel bad about that cuz there is no point going. y? cuz i havent start revision n will be so blurr if went to class.

after hs, went to prof agus room n he is not there. then went to dr talib room. he is also not there. btw, miss haslinda is also not in her room. i just put my mc letter outside her room. on her notice board.

then went here. gpcl e0. went to itd lab e3 but didnt enter cuz nobody is around n seems to have new pc. still in their box.

now, my aim is to get 4.00. or near to that figure. then apply for minoring in psychology. went for masum in may. n got good job after graduating or better still before graduating. haha. cita-cita besar. every success begin with a dream. so keep on dreaming. but work hard for its success.

thats all for now. hope not to log in anymore till end of this sem. or after all finish my paper. my paper will start this coming sunday n will end on the 16 april. all d best to me n all of u who is reading my post. gambate!!

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