Mar 29, 2009

tidak berjaya untuk tidak pulang

well, this week i pan not to go home. reason, to study. i did study a little but since nobody seems to be around in my room. went so sleepy, gloomy n so sedih to be alone in that room, so decided to do home.

now, im at home. went directly to this desktop after breakfast. didnt take breakfast at uia. n rase cam belom bleh lepaskan ini desktop. its not that i got work to do with this desktop. its just that dah lama tak merasakan internet. wait, ye ke lama?

anyway, have read gen n mate phy. yang lain belom. n its just have started reading a still long way to finish the reading. could be finish the reading just before the final. haha

so currently, trying not to be procrastinating. but still still doing it. really need somebody to pull me off from this circle. okay la, ill try my level best to go out from this circle. n will start by stop writing. so all the best to me. ^.^

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