Apr 21, 2009

seharian di UIA

now is 11.25pm. sampai rumah tadi? tak ingat la kul brape. tapi masuk kete kul 10.45. sejam lagi awal dari semalam. hari ni tumpang kete salwan gak. n she try new route. well, dia dah anta balik 3 kali including 2day. n we had try 3 different route. esok? tak tau la dia nak ikot jalan mane. tapi pape pon. thank salwan sebab tumpangkan orang. *tumpang bukan sebab nak jimat petrol. tapi sebab takde kete untuk di-drive-kan

n hari ni kaki tak kejang cam semalam. mungkin sebab hari ni tak de sikudahi, zenkutsudachi, kokusudachi n other dachi(stances). n hari ni takde kata. yesterday, a. iman told me that i need to go to grading this sunday. I was like what??. tapi tak lea nak wat pape cuz our dojo (IIUM dojo) needs brown belt. n im the next in line cuz im purple belt. got not enough confidence. but ill try my best. for myself n UIA. gambate!!

pagi tadi? went to UIA. arrive about 7.40am. *suppose to be 7.30 but my brother text for his speech one missing. so we need to search everywhere in every corner for his text. luckily we found it. alhamdulillah. we depart from home about 7.15. halim mungkin didenda disebabkan kelewatan. (he is suppose to be at school by 7.30) luckily dia jenis cool. n he is the time who seems not to care but actually really care about his younger brother hakim (the one whose text went missing).

anyway, i come to UIA this morning cuz we (karatekas) suppose to have jogging. but most of them didnt come. n those who are present are only me, sara K, n ili. charlis angels (hope spell them correctly). or if we are male should be 3 musketeers (actually sounds better, huhu). though, its only the 3 of us. we got have fun. 20 minute jog in mini jogging track (female sports complex, outdoor. just beside the indoor). *just found out got jogging track this morning. huhu. after jogging we do some exercise at the outdoor gym. okay la the equipment. not being vandal like most of the public park i have seen. after the exercise, we went indoor, to the aerobic room. do some kata n few basics. then went to breakfast.

at 2, went to special lecture at cac. got special lecture from reverend jesse jackson. the talk was good. about world peace. the hall was full. got goody bag n got rm 5 coupon. huhu. dont write notes. go there cuz got nothing to do. but it turn out to be good. (very glad n happy that i make the choice to come to the talk) (^.^)

love his talk, love the question given to him, n the respond he made out of the question. love the green bag, love the rm5 food coupon.

"hope is the key to peace." with hope n determination, we can be united, peace n harmony. well, its something like that. (ni la masalah, pergi lecture tak tulis pape sape suroh??) haha. anyway, if want to know better can check here. or just google. bukan suash nak cari info hari ni kn? suma ade kat internet.

tu je kot. edited on 23 april 11.27pm


adLedash a.k.a adLedaNne said...

dah start ke?? waaa...x cuti lansong ni..

Reportero local said...

he he he . . . I too went for the talk. How did you find it?

Khadijah Rahman said...

wokey!! love talk from rev n the green bag. haha.