May 20, 2009


decision. everyday we need to decide between this or that. we cant take both. we can only pick n choose some n left the other things to others. we cant be greedy to take it all.

to choose engineering is a decision i already made. n since i already choose to study engineering field, i cant possibly study actuarial science or medic right. so its already a big decision that i have choosen.

but, other than big decision like choosing what field u want to pursue, which university, then what job, ur future spouse n so on. other than big decision that u need to really think carefully cuz there is no turning back. well, for some reason with the wrong decision, u need to rebuild your carrier n all the previous effort could be worthless. but it doesnt always be worthless. like to change from bad to good is not worthless at all.

anyway, that is not the point. the point now is that, the decision i make today. today is 20th may 2009. which is, i dont apply for job. well, last time i plan to search a job with a friend. now that i got somebody to apply together, i didnt go. it might look like its not a wise decision. but, i think its better than only work till the end of the month. yer, ill start my class 2nd week of july. but the thing is that, im panning to stay in spore for 2 weeks in june. n planing to spent time with my classmate after that. 2 of my classmate going back to kl in june. so want to spent some time with them. then they will be back to england n amerika.

at first im not sure, but after talking with my mom, she also think the same way as i did. so now, im confident with the decision i make. although not 100% confident, but okay la.

guess thats all for now. adios

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