May 19, 2010

school days..

from the same ground
to different stations
but leading to the same path..

this is what happen if u talk to a philosopher overnight. although the truth is just chatting with him online for few minutes. haha. anyway, the 1st two lines is from him, n i continue to the third line. he is quite a philosopher since school. n i since school, usually dont understand what he is talking about. n waiting for him to stop talking then ask him to simplify his speech. [i call it speech cause it usually is long]. didnt like it when he talk during assembly time, cuz it means that i need to stand longer under the morning sun. but the good thing about his speech or talk is that, though it is long, it usually end with 'the moral of the story is...'. then i was like ooooooooooooo. hehe.

anyway, stop talking about this head boy, lets talk about the good o-level days. no uniform, no class, didnt have to join assembly. it is like having a pass saying that no need to follow the school rules. n yes, we took our o-level at iis. so the rules is more like... dunno how to explain. anyway, o-level times was great days, it is just playing games. be it erasers, pen or pencil, monopoly and some other board game. went to exam hall. and continue playing games. maybe thats the reason why my batch got the least number of A when compared to 1st 2 batch. n the next 2 batch. [im 3rd batch student in my school]

so, this morning. my cuzin went to school with casual attire n not school attire. it really remind me of my exam time. good memories. still remember my last paper. it was my add math paper. n the thing my classmate n i were discussing before exam is not what to do after the exam. we even planned a three days party. well not really a party. but going out have some fun. n collect duit raya. haha.

oh, forgot to mention this. our exam is during ramdhan-syawal. so we celebrate the eid together at the exam hall. its bio paper 3. pray solatul eid together at masjid uia. n at that time, i really feel like celebrating eid at foreign country n not malaysia. haha. we took photo. but i already dunno where the photo went missing.

after all our hardwork, on the 16th nov 2005. wow, i still remember the date. add math paper. we went out to damansara. n it is friday. awww.. nostalgic eh? i love them. next reunion will be... i also dunno. some of us i is graduating this year. some has graduated. me?

wait, i think i am writing a totally different story. should be writing my term paper now. not writing a diary. haha. chow people~

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Anonymous said...

kte pn rse xm time skolah plg best..