May 22, 2010


oh tidak.. malas nye nak sambung karang eap.. haha. tapi sebab masih ade terasa cam nak wat karangan, oleh itu diriku ingin menulis sesuatu disini.

semalam. tiba2 je rase nak tengok shrek forever after. have u ever been watching lion king 1 1/2? rewind and replay, but from another angle. eh, wait! shrek forever after is not rewind and replay. it is a what if kind of situation. what happen if shrek didnt save fiona from the tower.

tak semua orang akan menghargai apa yang mereka ada sehingga benda tu dah tak ada. n that is what happen to shrek. luckily he can undo what he did. but then, for us normal human being, not an ogre, not even a cartoon character, there is no such thing as do undo, redo, reformat. time cannot be rewind. what can be rewind is only the memory. other word is recall.

so moral of the story is, do appreciate what u have. n dont regret later..

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