Jun 24, 2010


who is andy? well he is the boy from the toy story movie. he is grown up. aww.. haha. currently watching the toy story 3 AGAIN for i dont know how many times. thankx to my lil bro who keep on playing that dvd.

anyway, today it is not andy nor toy story that i want to talk about. but me. i am now studying in uia. but then i dont empty my room in wangsa maju like andy did. hence, dont totally moved out from home. in fact, i visit home almost every week. then started thinking, am i suppose to be that independent when i start my studies in uni? well, so far im very not independent. from the tuition fees to pocket money. in fact, i think everything i own is from my parents. be it my laptop, my cellphone, my clothes. why i say so is cuz some of my friend do buy their cellphone and laptop from their very own money that they earn. either cash from working somewhere or by loan. as for me, i didnt take any loan, nor take any sponsorship, everything is from my dad. n if i find out that i do need something, i just need to ask from my dad, and now usually he give me cash, n i go out spending the money. hehe. good huh?

then when will i be independent? well, maybe if i were to gain my very own cash than i will be independent, ie after i get my degree. but then, can i?

btw, baked some cookies again today. n burned some. hehe. but my lil bro still like it, the burned cookies.

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Ameen Topa said...

I wanna watch Toy Story 3 too!!!