Jun 23, 2010

karate kid..

when it comes to karate, many people associate it with violance. n when it comes out in tv, it really shows only violence.

just back from watching karate kid with a friend. n these is my review on the movie:
1. the story line do really copy the karate kid 1984. 5 years before i was even born. n i have watch the movies many MANY many times. hence, these one is really really boring..

2. these isnt karate, it is kungfu. or at least this is what they say in the movie.

3. i almost sleep half way. prefer toy story 3..

then, talking about karate. karate isnt violence, it is an art to defense ourselves. then why do we have tournment? tournment is a training of 'zanshin' or awareness. so by going to tournment we are suppose to be more alert. but then i can see that this thing is not what we have in my dojo now. and i am sad bout that. they only think of going to tornment so that uia know our club exist. who in uia do they want to show? im also not sure..

btw, the reason i went to see that movie is that they say it is gud. turn out all those comment were wrong. but at least that is how i felt.. rambut tak semua hitam dan ada yang tak ada rambut, maka fikiran lain2..

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Reportero local said...

Nice 'un. Wanna know why people aim for tourneys? Cause that's what tehy all know. Wanna know why I stay in aikido? Cause it is the art and martial code that attracts me into it. I may not be the best, but I still ractise it, to learn it, and aly it in my life.... And yes, my Pak Cik mode as on. I'll admit. Just this once!