Nov 30, 2010

wangsa walk

went to wangsa walk again, for (cant recall how many times). but i went there quite a few times already this week. n today its only me with my two little brother. well, not that little. today we went play bowling, not GOOD! why do the ball really like to go inside the drain. not that much strike today, more like i only get strike once. n spare, only twice i think. n the score not even near to a hundred like last time. oh, n i also left my paper there. the sun. ni semua gara2 wafer yang sedap tu.

talking about paper, while i was reading (while waiting for my turn). there this two person (female), suddenly tegur me. n guess what they call me kak! feel so sad. am i looking that old, or is reading newspaper make me look old. or is it my tudung? n i think they are actually older than me.

talking about age, i do ask lots of people why do some people really like to call themselves as 'kakak' or 'abang'. for some it is for respect. but then for me, respect is not in the name, but how do we interact. calling your classmate kakak is so like, 'urghh, mengada nye ko'. n yes, u create a big barrier between u n me. for me one or two years different is not that important to be call kak. n hey, i never ever call my senior kak and abang since school. only in uia i start calling them kak. tu pon yg kenalkan diri diorg kak. nama apa? nama akak xxx. haha, kalo tak memang tak la. i really dont like to call people kak. i remember last time in karate dojo (training centre) in pj. i dont call any of the senior kak, unless they are from main camp. except for two. cuz they make a (not so good) look if i dont. oh btw, last time in school i never call my sister's classmate kak, but gues what. in uia, even my sister junior call themselves kak. macam pelik pulak. nak sangat jadi tua kenapa? tak paham betol..

but then again, takkan nak panggil A! or Oi. kak do sound better. err, adik sounds better. haha.

still talking about age. in supermarket, how come out our mom get to be call kak. nak bodek la tu.

sebenarnye nak cerita lain, tapi melalut kat lain pulak dah. haha, btw, tadi tengok cerita repunzel gak. not bad.


Ameen Topa said...

Don't be so sad. The two persons saw you with your little brothers, that's why they call you kak! Don't worry, you still look young :)

snowstarzz said...

wahahaha... nasib baik kau tak panggil aku akak dulu.. kalau tak memeng tak kwn ar ngan kau... hahaha.. nasib baik dier tak panggil auntie ke makcik ke... =)

p/s: aku panggil ean opah.. huhuhu.. coz dier suka org panggil dier kakak.. =)