Dec 27, 2010


i am safe! well hope so. just submitted the fyp form this morning, the form that was suppose to be submitted by last friday. what have i done today? well, set up booth illegally, without permission from the office. but it is only a booth to promote the club that i love, n not selling anything. so it should be ok

but the thing is, i just pick the spot. n others do the promoting stuff. cuz i got a lot of other thing to do. or is it that me just dont have proper time management? hmm.. but it should be ok cuz i do visit the booth during lunch time.

as for tomorrow, ill try to be there right after i finish my class. macam btol je. yes, easier said than done

as for my fyp, not much progress. still doing literature review..

as for now, i am hungry n want to go home..

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